So you have clawed back 25 minutes for real ‘deep work’ by successfully dodging meetings, saving time on social media with some tools, and probably skipping half your lunch… So what can you do in the precious time you bought yourself?

How About Doubling your SEM CTR?

So let’s get to it! Open Adwords (or whichever platform you choose) > break out your creative hat, and navigate to your highest converting and/or highest impression adgroup.

Changing and testing the ad text in your campaigns is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to increase your CTR. You should write at least five completely different ad ‘creatives’.

Note: I say “Completely original and distinct ads, NOT variations“.

Leave your new ads to prove themselves. Let all the ads get a fair share of impressions over a good number of days (remember weekends and weekdays may be different) and wait to see which ad is the winner, based on CTR, or Conversions.

Tip: Don’t forget to set your ads to rotate evenly, and to measure CTR rates against similar periods of time.

Tip: Remember to factor in conversion latency if you are going to judge ads on conversion rates and CPA. Also if you are using conversion rate as your success metric, try to factor in which keywords were triggering which ads.

Take this approach rinse and repeat, incorporating your learnings each time, pause of the under performing ads.

I’ve seen jumps from 0.5% to 3.5% CTR in just one round of revisions. If you try this technique I promise you will see results… I can’t offer you a cash back guarantee, but if I could I would, Because this is SEM 101… but when was the last time you done it?

Once again, here is 8 step high impact SEM task you can do in 25 minutes:

  1. Open Adwords
  2. Pick a campaign or adgroup with good impression numbers
  3. Create 5 new Ads for the adgroup
  4. Let them run over a selection of days
  5. Compare the CTR of the ads to the equivalent previous time periods
  6. Pause all but the best ads (Measure using  CTR or Conversion rate)
  7. Lean something about why your new ad is working
  8. Goto step 1

This is actually just A/B/n testing at in its purest form. Just do it, It’s kinda one of the main points of doing advertising online!

– Done your 25 mins yet? How many ad variations have you tried so far?

Bonus Tip #1: You can track Google analytics Goals within your Adwords Campaign giving you a Cost per Goal Completion metric. This is a great way to get conversion data into your dataset, especially if you are using virtual pages views.

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