Technical SEO

What’s going on with your SEO?

Find out how you are doing at SEO, what opportunities there are for to improve your website for users and search engines, and what are the major factors holding you back.

I provide independent, impartial analysis of previous and current SEO efforts and aim to ensure you are getting ROI and the best practices are being used.


Site Audit


  • Technical issues and Recommendations
    • Site speed Test
    • Website infrastructure analysis
    • Linking Report
      • Internal + backlinks
    • Keyword targeting issues
    • Crawling and indexing issues


  1. Ranking report
  2. Basic Analytics Assessment
  3. Checks for common issues and google issues


SEO ‘Setup’

Set yourself up for SEO success.

Remedy any issues found in the Technical analysis where possible, and the creation of a recommendations report for the website owner to implement via their developer.


  • Technical Recommendations report for Basic website HTML and structure changes
    • To allow keywords to be targeted
    • To help search engines quickly and easily find and include your pages
    • To send as many of the right signals to search engines as possible
  • Installation of SEO tools required for successful SEO campaigns
    • Search Engine Webmaster tools
    • Installation of Analytics tools (usually google analytics)
      • Setup of analytics events in website to make analytics useful
      • Creation of goal reporting reports and dashboards
        • Requires URL setup for Goals
        • Integrating Social Media services tracking technology for campaigns.
      • Cheat sheets, tools and advice on how to best track PR activity via analytics.
        • Training on how to use analytics yourself – at additional cost. **
      • Forward looking technical and advanced recommendations for SEO.
      • Recommendation or Setup for automatic content optimization.
        • Title Tag setup & formula’s (test formula with real people via 5 second tests)
        • SEO Plugins for Image Alt tags, compression and CDN
      • Linking of webmaster tools to analytics packages and ad platforms

(5 – 10 days)

Research and Seeding of Keywords

What search phrases should you be ranking for? And Why?

Are you targeting top of funnel traffic driving keywords like “how to clean leather car seats”, middle funnel searches like “best leather cleaner” or purchase intent phrases like “buy autoglym leather cleaner”. Which ones could you rank for? Which ones should you try to rank for.

Once you know this you can start seeding those keywords in existing, and planning how you will more keywords to your site for google to find.

keyword research

  • Creation of Keyword Research Report
    • Creation of keyword Existing keyword analysis + tracking
    • Research into competitor/ contemporary keywords + tracking
    • Niche research and keyword opportunity discovery
    • Research into your inbound link profile (to see what is realistic)
  • Prioritised Implementation plan for Keywords
    • Including keywords into existing website
    • How/when to create content to target other keywords
      1. How to create that SEO friendly content
      2. Where to place it on your site
  • How to distribute it via online channels and get max SEO value
  1. Recommendations for PR services to follow
  • I can Install the keywords on site it the CMS allows it, or create a guide for developers to follow.
  • Installation of these keywords into a rank tracking software



Local SEO

Businesses which rely heavily on local search terms and geocentric business models may need to invest in specialist Local SEO techniques in order to get found for the right searches in the right places at the right times.

  • Claiming Your listings
    • And making a page for each if possible
      • With clear easy to read (potentially quickly tested) titles for high CTR
    • Assisting your outlets to claim theirs (or consolidating them under a single corporate account)
    • Optimizing those listings so that when you type “hotel near Madeuptown” your local listing is top of the places listed beside the the maps in search engines.
    • Managing the listings review scores
    • Acquiring listings on websites which send strong local search signals, such as trip advisor, yelp, yellow pages, trust pilot.
    • Creating consistent NAP (name, address, Phone number)
      • Adding NAP mark-up to website where possible.
    • Remove any duplicate local listings
    • Gain backlinks from relevant sites where possible
    • Upload as many pictures as possible
    • Add local keywords to rank tracking


Paid Advertising

Pay to be at the top of searches, in-front of people on social media and more. Get your message out to as many people as you like, on demand.


Skip the Queue to to the top of the search results pages by Buying the tops spots.

You can pay to be at the top of the search results, and with over 60% of search results visible on the screen being Adverts, you should always be aware of, if not buying ad space.


Setup for search advertising includes

  • Creating accounts on all major search engines
  • Registering payment methods
  • Setting up alerts for traffic events (traffic drops, increase in cost etc.)
  • Creating initial campaigns
    • Doing the keyword research and matching
    • Creating ad text copy
    • Setting up audience/demographic targeting
    • Setting up budgets restrictions and bid amounts
    • Generating and installing tracking codes for attribution
    • Linking advertising accounts to reporting tools
    • Adding any available customer retargeting audiences to campaign


  • Responding to system alerts
  • Removing poor performing campaigns/ads
  • Adding new Campaigns and Keyword Opportunities
  • Running A/B tests on AdCopy
  • Installing frsh/new tracking codes for attribution

Tracking and reporting

  • Monthly reporting on AdSpend, ROI and next steps



Social Targeted Advertising

Reach extremely targeted audiences on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many other platforms. Show them something good and they will respond.

Across the main social media platforms there are ways to display ads to highly targeted audiences, like: “18-21 year old females in Devon who just moved house”.


Depending on whether or not you want to use traditional display advertising Eg: Banner ads or you want to promote content a range of options exist. The setup mainly consists of:

  • Creating accounts
  • Registering payment details
  • Creation of initial campaigns
    • Defining the target audience
      • Demographic based
      • Based on retargeting and lookalike audiences
      • Locations and time zones
    • Creation and Installation of tracking and conversion codes
  • Reporting dashboard setup
  • Alerts Setup


  • Starting new campaigns
  • Adjusting campaigns
  • Content creation specifically for social advertising
  • Training for in-house staff – available at extra cost

Tracking and reporting

  • Reporting and analysis of results with recommendations
  • Installation of new tracking and conversion codes



Retargeting Advertising

If someone has visited your site before, they are much more likely to come back a second time if they see something they are interested in. Put relevant ads in front of these people.

You know those ads that follow you around the web after you visited a website? They don’t have to be annoying and they can be easy to use. If someone reads a blog post of yours, why not highlight to them the next blog post you make, with a nice ad!

Setting up the technology and creating accounts to make all this happen is the difficult bit, and then segmenting the different types of visitors needs some thought.


  • Creating the buckets of people to show different ads too
  • Technical code setup to start the tracking process (3rd party service or manual)
  • Creation of the retargeting ads based on which location you want your retargeted ads to appear… Facebook, google search, LinkedIn etc.
  • Creating and installing the tracking code for these campaigns


Depending on the type of advertising you want to do, and over which platforms this can vary. As a guide if you are retargeting on two platforms rather than one, you can multiply the cost by 150%.

  • Adding new campaigns (with associated tracking codes)
  • Removing old ones
  • Editing poor performing ones

Tracking and reporting

Reporting on retargeting is very similar to reporting on other advertising types, it simply has a different audience breakdown.




Web Analytics

Know what your visitors are doing, and use that knowledge to improve.


Strategy deep dive to see what can and should be tracked to help meet your business goals and provide insight into your customers.

I take insight about your business, website, and customers turnning it into a set of data points to measure and analyse.

Typically, I will create a top level funnel from website visit to revenue, and serveral key funnels within that which shows user activity as they progress through the funnel.

Example questions you should know the answers too

  • How many visitors does it take to create £1000 in revenue?
  • What is the leading KPI that predicts a user will become a paying customer?
  • Which step in the signup process causes the highest number of people to drop out?
  • Which websites send you user which convert into customers?



CRO via A/B Testing and Product Design


Make the most out of every visitor and build the best products you can.


How many of your visitors look at your site and then fall out of your funnel for no reason?

How much more money would you make if you got 5% more people completing signup?

Why are so many people trying your product and then never coming back?

How can we design the user experience to minimize fall out, maximize the percentage of users who do what you want, and make you more money?

Research, hypothesize, design, Test, analyse – repeat

Typical projects would look at optimizing customer acquisition and retention step such as signup process testing optimization, web app/site feature analysis. I also provide prospective analysis to find those bottlenecks and dropout points to identify opportunities for improvements.


  • Market Research phase
    • Speaking to Active users
    • Speaking to non-active users
  • Setup and get to know the client service
  • Install and setup Advanced Analytics via Woopra (or similar) and the website data layer
  • Install and setup Optimizley or similar software



User Research and Testing

Watching 5 people trying to use your website in reality is worth 100 educated guesses.

I can help you quickly design and iterate new product and website concepts based on research data, and testing.

The services I offer range from showing paper drawn user interfaces to 1000 anonymous users to see where they click, to running fully interactive user/customer testing days where we bring real people into the office to use new product and get feed back to help make a better UI.

Being lean and testing before building saves thousands of pounds, and months of heart ache by avoiding building the wrong, or poorly designed products that don’t fit the user/market.

Usability hub – click tests, nav tests, 5 second tests, side by side tests – Remote user testing videos – hosting of wireframes




Email Marketing / Lead Nurturing Consultancy

I can help you collect, and send emails that help drive revenue and engagement. Through a combination of:

  • List building
  • Email collection
  • List segmentation
  • Scripting Email Series and automation of sending
  • Lead scoring of ‘signed up’ users from platform data



Training Days and Workshops


I can deliver training on any of the above topics to clients as on premises training days, or offsite workshops. 



Digital Strategy, General Marketing, and Anything Web

From delivering company branding projects to help choosing CMS software I can assist and lead most web related projects.






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