Mass Marketing and outreach lists feel kinda Scummy… Particularly ‘bought in’ lists… TC recently even went so far as to publish all there email addresses to prevent companies selling them to buyers… please skim read that post now.

Email spam grinds my gears, because it’s usually very badly targeted (if at all), and makes it hard for authors to sift though the landfill of crap, that is there public email inbox, to find the needle in the haystack of genuine content they can connect with.

So here is my 3 step guide to get you off email spam and onto Curated, Smaller and more qualified outreach lists that will work better, and potentially save 1000’s of authors having rage induced¬†aneurysms.

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:: Step 1

Curate a small list of qualified authors contact details, based on the things they like to write about.

Use some software to make a table of data out of all the articles on a the top relevant websites in your market.’s Crawler works well for this.

Get the following data:

  • Blog Post Title (article title)
  • Blog Post text (article text)
  • Author Name
  • Authors Contact Details
  • …any other relevant data


Filter that Table by searching for keywords in the titles and text field that relate to your business/content. This will narrow down your list of potential authors to contact significantly, so that it become possible to contact them individually via email or twitter.


Here is a dataset I quickly put together from a popular blog: ExampleCSV.xlsx

A quick filter on the text field for “lead generation” brings up 7 Different articles that mentioned ‘lead generation’ from 7 different authors across the topics of

  • Ecommerce
  • Tools
  • Technology
  • Growth Strategies
  • Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing


I would personally contact at least 5 of those authors.


Here is a link to the crawler I used: (feel free to clone it, and/or improve it)

I got 5 good relevant authors/leads from one keyword on one website from one crawl. You should have several keywords and several sites in your outreach targets for each content piece you aim to create.

:: Step 2

Write your content and/or contact Email.

Other than to say that you should write something loose about the topic you want to talk about and to not over structure your idea at this point, I’m not going to preach about how to write a good content piece/pitch.

This is a damn good guide:

A tip is to look at what the top topics that came back from the search results were and try to tie in with those trends.

:: Step 3

Contact your list in the right manner.

You can now contact your outreach emails knowing that you have an audience that matches you pitch, and that you have enough info to compose a nice message to them individually without wasting yours (or their) time. You will find that your lists will be much small, but much more effective.

Note: A lot of authors will only share there twitter (or other social) handle. If this is the case there are plenty of tools you can use to contact those people too, don’t limit yourself to email.

Have fun, and happy author engaging.

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