This post is a followup from the ‘how to’ I wrote: How to Get a Speaking Slot at an Event . I wanted to follow it up with some evidence that it is possible anyone to get a speaking slot so here it is.

Last time we spoke, I had done my first speaking slot as a guest at a suppliers conference which I landed using the most important technique there is… asking.

Step 2) Progress since then?

Once you have your first speaking gig under your best, get a LinkedIn recommendation for your talk. What that does is provide some proof to other event organisers (who control who speaks) that your content was well received. Keep your slides.

Email event organisers and colleagues and let them you are ready to present a talk at short notice, that way you can pick up any ‘dropout slots’ when speakers cancel on events… this is how I got a gig talking at extract conf alongside some heavy weight speakers in London.

Me speaking at extract conf

It’s also how I bagged a spot on a panel discussion at a data visualisation event alongside Alex Salkever (,  Loren Alia (, and Lucy Bartlett (Marketing manager, Viglink).

talking about data journalism at the Vault SF

Product School heard that I was giving talks and speaking about data for growth marketing, and invited me to teach a class at their school for product managers.

produt school 2

Following that Rocket Space, a company who also provides co-working space and a Developer education program’ got in touch and asked me to guest lecture at a class.


Just to get the maximum use out of the slide deck before I retired it, I recently gave one last talk at Google Campus London.

So there you go! My future as a data speaker is on track… to a degree I only ever wanted to do this to prove I can and learn, but it’s quite addictive and I’ve been approached by Peter Van Sabben from Growth Tribe and have arranged to speak in Amsterdam to his audience so that is my next stop.


Wish me good luck, and have a go yourself… you will be amazed at how quickly one good thing and lead to another very quickly.

Comments and questions are welcome as ever.


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