Living your live surrounded by data? Me too; specifically Google Analytics data at the moment and lots of it from 4 domains in particular. Sorting it out can be a pain or a joy depending on your setup, so using Google Tag Manager seemed like a sensible thing to do.

Google Tag Manager allows you to quickly and easily update:

    • tags on your website (such as tracking and marketing optimisation tags). You can add and update AdWords, Google Analytics, Floodlight and non-Google tags from the Google Tag Manager user interface instead of editing site code. This reduces errors, frees you from having to involve a webmaster and allows you to deploy tags on your site quickly. ReadGoogle Tag Manager for the Web, below.
  • the configuration and flag values of mobile apps that you have created. Instead of rebuilding and deploying new binaries, you can use the Google Tag Manager interface to change configuration values (for example, timeout, ad position, game play dynamics), and turn on flag-enabled features in your mobile apps. Read Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps, below.

However as always its never that simple… why  not upgrade to Universal Analytics too and get ahead of the game? Why not indeed..

Once i’m back from the Data marketing event tonight having been to SES: How to Get Better at Data-Driven Marketing with Will Critchlow (Founder and CMO, Distilled), (Liam Reynolds (Founder, True Up), and Paul Joyce (CEO & Co-Founder, Geckoboard) i’ll give i a go.


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