I was reading search engine land’s post debating some of the industry-wide problems in SEO, and came across this quote by the author Jenny Halasz.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that SEO is a creative field. You can test it, and you can hypothesize, but at the end of the day, what works for you may not work for someone else. There are simply too many variables to say anything for sure.

Just to add to that, I actually get the feeling that SEO is by necessity, becoming more and more creative by the week. As technology pushes the field into polarising itself, one group seems to be moving more towards extreme creativity in marketing, and the other group into ever more technical black hat schemes.

SEO a Fast Moving Industry

Imagine trying to play a game of chess where the rules of what the pieces do change every three moves, and then you will start to get an idea of what a modern day black hat SEO is up against, and why so many are moving away from trying to understand the technical nature of the algorithms and more towards EMPATHISING with Google’s mission and optimising accordingly.

The current thinking is that Google (the big boy in SEO) makes 5 to 6 changes to the way it ‘does’ search engine results PER WEEK!

Why does that matter to an employer?

The more your SEO knows and cares about Google, the better of an SEO they will be. End of.

Your SEO knowing the story of Google/SEO from the start, from the front lines allows the experienced SEO empathise and more accurately foresee the many changes rolled out on a regular basis.

How to Employ a Great SEO

Here are three things I look for in a good SEO.

  1. Find long experience; specifically in the fields of SEO AND Google Adwords AND digital advertising.
  2. Find a creative and enquiring mind with an understanding of the rules, but more importantly, experience of testing them successfully, based on careful experimentation.

I hope this has painted you a picture of the type of SEO you should be looking for. Other than proven results those two things are a good guide.

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