When you work in Startup as in marketing , programming, Designing or even as a founder everyone expects that you spend at least a small amount of your own time working ‘off the clock’. And thats fine…

… in fact i encourage you to get passionate about your work, otherwise you are unlikely to succeed. In my opinion the best (and you could argue the most important) place to do this is by getting involved in industry events. You get to relax as well as contribute some of the most valuable work you will ever do at the same time.

The most valuable work is done outside of the office… because that is where you customers are!

Whether its your first few customer who come through personal friendships or the BIG later customer that come through ‘knowing the guy who does there marketing stuff’ or ‘knowing the guy who knows the CEO’ these connections are rarely created and capitalised up when you are sat on your arse  at your desk.

I am aware i’m saying nothing new here. NetworkingWowBig Woop! Got any other fresh ideas?

I am focusing on Networking particularly though because the blog title is ‘Startup Web Marketing’ and the Startup nature of your business means you are probably in the position where you are growing fast, but still need the support of the community to help you grow.

Im also going to address the term startup networking… if you go into this with the idea that you are there to ‘Work’, you have already gone wrong, pack your bag, put your coat on and just go home already. You are there to:

  • Learn
  • Have Fun
  • Meet New and Exciting People
  • Broaden your knowledge of the local ‘Scene’
  • To listen to others problems,  help them, and for them to ‘Pass it on’ to the next person.
  • Too meet people who like and Want to help you.

Want to get acquired by ‘The Big G’? Goto the Google Campus Events meet, learn, contribute and talk. When everybody there is talking about how much you have helped them, they are unconsciously selling your product to everyone they know. That works because of a cognitive bias called the Halo Effect; Because they like you, they like other things related to you… like your product and business… and its contagious too.

There are lots of Social and business benefits from recruitment, social inclusion and so on.

Bear in mind, the other people living in the city you are in, are often in the same shoes as you and just want to grab a glass of wine or a micro-brew beer and talk about the things they care about… like the business they have vested interest in.

Next time you help someone promote there product or service, just try to remember why you are doing it. Is it because they sent you and email with a promise of a mutual mail shot? or was it because you’ve met them personally and care about there success?

Ok, thats enough writing: Now off to join a Office opening party in London for Stack Overflow to welcome them to the area and meet the team.

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